Monday, October 2

The other day while I was reading an article titled DIY Awareness from online yoga journal I came across this quote...

"With all of our differences of personality and history, we both share consciousness. At the most fundamental level, the level of awareness, we are one."

In a simpler manner,

"Like me, this person seeks happiness. This person too feels pain." The more you can identify yourself with awareness, and recognize the awareness in the other person, the more deeply you will feel kinship.

Then it tells you to bring to mind,

Someone about whom you feel neutral, and have the same recognition: that there is one consciousness in both of you. Bring to mind someone you dislike, perhaps someone you regard as an enemy, or a public figure you hold in low esteem. Remind yourself, "Different as we may be, the same consciousness dwells in that person as in me. On the level of awareness, we are one."

One energy flows through everything in the universe. With that in mind, look around and say to yourself, "All
that I see, all that I touch, all that I imagine, is made of one single conscious energy."

Can you imagine a world with everybody having that same belief we are all one. Do you think one day humanity can reach that level, with all what’s happening in Iraq, Africa etc...

It’s much better than carrying so much hate and anger just sucks so much energy. I was thinking maybe it can start with me and you…I know I know there are so many people out there who are sarcastic and bitter…but you bitter person maybe you can try for a few minutes and before you start breath in deeply:)

Thank you and good luck

Wednesday, September 27


Welcome dear bloggers,

Yes I never thought that little old me would ever join the bloggers world! But then I thought why not if every Tom, Dick and Harry (in our case) every Jasoom, Hamood and Talool did ;)

Anyway please a little warning for the weak … do not visit my blog or post any comments if you are one of the close and limited minded people. Especially that I am interested in the arts and anything creative written, composed, directed and painted etc…

Happy Blogging.